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Here’s an excerpt from a intereview JD did with Indiewire! Be sure to follow the link below to read the full article.

“[Creator] Kurt [Sutter] said it always fascinated him to think of a story where a character was so far from the crime world, who’s super intelligent, and all of a sudden he’s part of the crime world,” Pardo told IndieWire. “What does that look like?”

To Pardo, a key detail was EZ’s time behind bars.

“[After] prison, you’re going to look at everything differently. You’re going to look at people differently. You’re going to size people up, and if you’re not comfortable with that world, you’re going to be locked up. So I wanted EZ to be locked up.”

The conversations about who Ezekiel was and how he fit into the Mayans’ group started early. Sutter, who created “Sons of Anarchy,” wanted to start his follow-up series with a new protagonist far removed from his former one.

“We talked a lot about the character and how different he was going to be from Jax,” Pardo said, referencing Charlie Hunnam’s lead in “SOA.” “This show feels a little more grounded than ‘Sons of Anarchy’ felt to me. ‘Sons of Anarchy’ felt like this fantasy: You get to see the club life and the fantasy behind it, especially with someone like Jax Teller, who in the beginning is the vice president and has no problems, really. His opening scene is riding into town to buy a box of condoms. So there’s a fantasy element to that, but with Mayans […] EZ was never supposed to be a part of this club, and he did go to prison. You get to see how all this affected him. I wouldn’t expect to see the next Jax Teller.”


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